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AnthroBiology Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

Rhianna Drummond-Clarke, PhD candidate at the Max Planck Institute (Dept. of Human Origins), joins the show to discuss her most recent article examining how environments affect chimp locomotion. She also chat about her time in the field.

See her article here: 


Oct 17, 2020

Dr. Barbara J. King joins us in this week's episode to discuss animal cognition and emotion. Along the way, we hear about her start in biological anthropology studying baboons and how her career shifted several times to focus on animal cognition more broadly, followed by a turn towards advocacy and...

Apr 15, 2020

Dr. Katharine Jack of Tulane University talks about non-human primates, reproductive strategies, and what to do if you run into a capuchin in the wild. Find links to articles, books, and pics at Find the show on Instagram and Twitter...