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AnthroBiology Podcast

Apr 25, 2024

Dr. Goodson (Cambridge University) and Dr. Trombley (Augustana University) join forces on the show to discuss their bioarchaeological-historical collaboration to understand the Medieval mouth. 

Books, articles, and selected people mentioned in this episode:

Feb 24, 2024

Dr. Clark Spencer Larsen of Ohio State joins the show to discuss his history in the field, bioarchaeology, and how we can use biological anthropology to understand human health in the past. 

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May 13, 2020

Dr. Sara Becker of UC - Riverside studies the Tiwanaku culture of Lake Titicaca. She specializes in understanding hierarchy and labor patterns via physical activity markers on the bone. She also has some sound advice for acclimating to high elevations. Find links to articles, books, and pics at Find...

Mar 4, 2020

Dr. Sara Juengst of UNC - Charlotte talks about bioarchaeology, trepanation, pre-Columbian Titicacans, power structures detected via human remains, field work, and potatoes. Find links to articles and books at Find the show on Instagram and Twitter...

Jan 22, 2020

Some anthropologists try to reconstruct activities during life by using changes to the skeleton. Dr. Wilczak talks about occupational stress markers in this episode, along with providing advice for folks thinking about majoring in anthropology.